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Training with Carlo Fazio!

This week, we're training with some course designs by Carlo Fazio, specially made for CCDSC! Carlo is a well known FCI judge from Italy and will be designing courses for some upcoming ISC classes that Lori Sage has added to her AKC trial schedule.

There is a barn hunt trial Friday through Sunday at Corral Creek, but our large ring is still open for private rentals. We will build this course on Sunday evening and leave it up for TWO weeks for you to try out.

A few notes to remember:

1) If your dog fails to complete any obstacles in the sequence more than twice in a row, they don't understand what you're asking of them. Break it down and make the task easier and increase your rate of rewards for effort!

2) Be sure to have your dog potty OUTside before coming in to train, and give them frequent breaks outside, as well. There's a $10 fee for accidents in the ring.

3) Have FUN!

4) Check out our NEW STORE! It's open for your purchasing pleasure!


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