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About Us

​From Hobby To Passion

Corral Creek Dog Sport Center was born out of a passion for dog agility and a determination to create a dog sport facility for the local community that's closer to home. Located in Newberg, Oregon, our facility brings quality sport dog training to the area. 

Founded by agility enthusiast, Elissa Looney and her husband Brody Ferguson, the goals for Corral Creek Dog Sport Center are to create a place where: 

  • Dog owners can enjoy dog sports with their canine companions.

  • Dog owners can collectively expand their knowledge of dog training.

  • Dog owners can increase their abilities as sport dog handlers.

  • Dog owners can provide enrichment opportunities to their dogs. 

Beginning in 2023, we will offer classes in a number of disciplines, including:

  • Agility 

  • Obedience

  • Nose work

  • Barn hunt

  • And more. 


The facility is available for individuals or instructors to rent space for their dog sport training and classes, for special events and competitions. We also offer memberships for individuals for facility rentals.


Browse our website for more information. If you don't find what you're looking for, Contact Us here.  

Check out our Site Map here: 

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It takes a village to make Corral Creek Dog Sport Center run smooth. This is the team behind the scenes that keeps the property moving!


Instructors are independent contractors that utilize Corral Creek Dog Sport Center's space to teach classes of their choice. Find out more about them here! 

Peyton Green - Agility & Pet Manners

Peyton fell in love with dog training at a young age and spent her childhood training her family dogs, learning from any resource she could find, and volunteering at every local trial. Since then, Peyton has trained and trialed in many dog sports including agility, mondioring, herding, obedience, rally, flyball, dock diving, disc dog, and trick dog.


She believes that learning from a wide variety of people and dog sports makes her a better trainer and helps her come up with creative solutions using tools from other sports.


While she loves training many sports, running international style agility is her biggest passion. In 2022 she won and placed in multiple regional and national agility events and achieved her border collie Dash’s international agility championship in UKI.


Peyton has a deep passion for developing drive and engagement in dogs. No dog training is possible without a dog having a strong foundation to want to work for you. She hopes to always develop her students’ love for creating a strong relationship with their dogs


Peyton’s 2022 accomplishments include:


  • 1st place 24” Speedstakes Finals @ UKI West Coast Open 2022

  • 2nd place 24” WCO Agility @ UKI West Coast Open 2022

  • 1st place 24” Pentathlon @ PNW UKI Classic 2022

  • 3rd place 24” Biathlon @ PNW UKI Classic 2022

  • 3rd place 24” Pentathlon @ UKI Rocky Mountain Classic 2022 

  • 1st place 24” Jurassic ISC Cup October 2022

  • 3rd place 24” Unicorn ISC Cup June 2022​

To register for classes with Peyton, visit our Classes page! 


Perri Yinger - Obedience & Rally

From very early days, Perri  loved taking part in the training of and caring for the four legged family members and rescues who crossed the family threshold.  With no access to formal training, she watched and learned communication and cues from the many dogs in her life.  They taught her how to more clearly communicate what it was she wanted of them.  Whether teaching tricks to the terriers, or looking up into the face of the family Great Dane and insisting he sit still while she put down a bowl full of food, Perri’s conversations with the dogs were almost always productive.    


In 2001, Perri and her husband brought home a very special Rottweiler puppy. He came with a show/working contract, and Perri’s formal training commenced.  From Novice A to Utility and many other disciplines, Perri and her beloved "Ted" learned about dog sports together and blazed a trail for future generations of Perri's dogs. Through classes, seminars, private lessons, and training clubs, the doors to competitive dog sports were thrown wide open and Perri's "toolbox" was overflowing.


  Perri has trained, trialed, and often ranked in:

  • AKC Obedience

  • Rally (earning an invitation to the National Rally Championship)

  • Schutzhund

  • Nose Work

  • Carting

  • Herding (even adding a flock of sheep to her property to hone her dogs’ skills)

  • Conformation

  • Dock Dog

  • Trick Dog

  • Barn Hunt


When a fellow club member asked for some help with her dogs, Perri realized how much she enjoyed working with the  people who work their dogs.  Teaching dogs to perform certain skills is not as difficult as it may seem at times, even when methods may need to be tweaked to the specific needs of dogs and/or their partners. But building handler confidence, opening up communication to sustain engagement, and keeping the working team on task is where training becomes the most rewarding for all involved. 


We have space available for instructor rentals. Contact us today for availability! 

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