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Classes & Rentals

If you're ready to find training space, this is the place!  Below you'll find links to our indoor ring rentals and current and enrolling classes. ​ Individuals may rent time in our off-leash field, or our indoor large or small arenas during any available timeslots.

Classes and Rentals are Open!

We are currently offering a variety of classes and rental opportunities, including: 

  • Agility Classes by Peyton

  • Obedience and Rally by Perri

  • Special Event Workshops & Seminars

  • Ring Rentals

More classes will be opening soon! If you're looking for Barn Hunt, check out Valley Dog Sports website for their offerings. 


Find What You're Looking For:

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Instructors & Rental Rates

CCDSC caters to instructors, clubs, or groups.


Arena Rentals

Find rental times for our large and small arena here!


Classes by Peyton

Peyton Green is teaching agility and pet manners classes Monday - Thursday at all levels. 

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Members Only Rental

Find drop-in times as a monthly member in our large and small rings. 


Nose Work and Scent Work

Learn about class offerings here.

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Classes by Perri

Perri teaches both Obedience and Rally classes most days of the week.

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