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Nose Work and Scent Work

Classes by Carol

Nose Work Instructor

Carol started doing Nose Work in 2010 when NACSW first brought this new sport to Oregon. She had already been doing other dog sports with her dogs when she decided to start taking Nose Work classes with her Papillon Shamus, who was very independent, and more
importantly, motivated by food!


Carol and Shamus competed over the years until she had to retire him just shy of his ELITE 3 title. Carol’s other papillon, Siobhan, also competed in Nose Work until she retired with a NW3 title. Carol is now training her third papillon, Flyn, who is 3 years old and already has one NW3 title.

Dogs love to sniff! After seeing the joy coming from so many dogs in training and competition, Nose Work became Carol’s passion and she is on track to complete the CNWI (Certified Nose Work Instructor) course through NACSW. There is so much to be learned from just watching your dogs and Nose Work is one of the best mental stimulation games for your dogs, in addition
to strengthening the bond you already have together. It is also one of the only dog sports that any dog can play - big, small, young, old, deaf, blind, and has proven to build confidence in shy and reactive dogs.


Classes by Judi

AKC Scent Work Instructor

Instructor Judi James is the former owner of My Dogs Gym in Salem, Oregon. Judi is a self-described, longtime dog nut having started in 4-H decades ago. She is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy (CTP-KPA), AKC judge of obedience, rally, scentwork, and some conformation, and has done a lot with dogs and their noses including bird hunting, tracking, utility obedience, and scent work almost since it became a sport in the US.


Classes will be blended levels to begin and as they fill may be split to different levels.


Message Judi for more information and to reserve your spot in one of these classes.

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