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Monthly Memberships Now Open

Want the ability to drop in for practice or off-leash time? Membership at Corral Creek provides you with access to the drop-in calendar for our indoor large and small rings, or the off-leash field. Members can log in to our website to access the drop-in calendar and get early notifications for upcoming events and seminars, plus receive discounted rates for rental time!

1-acre FENCED Field Rental


COMING SOON! Want to get your dog off-leash? With our monthly off-leash membership plan, you can do just that! Available in either 1/2-hour or 1-hour long reservations, you can bring your dog(s) to our 1-acre, fenced, off-leash field with reserved timeslots and have the space all to yourself. When our off-leash field is ready, we'll let you know!  


Small Practice Ring Rental

(60 x 40, turf)

Want practice time? Our indoor, turf, small ring rental is available for jump and tunnel practice, fitness, or obedience. Measuring 60 x 40, there's just enough space to train for whatever your heart desires. Memberships allow for weekly 1/2-hour or 1-hour reservations. This ring won't have a set course, but will have jumps, tunnels and basic fitness equipment available for your use. 

Large Agility Ring Rental

(60 x 140, turf)

Want practice time? Our indoor, turf, Large Agility Ring is available for drop-in practice time in either 1/2 or 1-hour timeslots. Measuring 60 x 140, a course will always be set for you to work on with your dog. 



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