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March 2/3 Mad Hatter ISC Cup Premium

Updated: Feb 1

We're late, we're late, for a very important date!

Just kidding. We're not really late, but it IS time to download the premium for the March 2/3 Mad Hatter Cup, an AKC ISC only event being held at Corral Creek Dog Sport Center with Fanny Gott of Sweden judging! We have some really exciting plans in the works to make this the most fun trial, yet!

ISC is a special branch of AKC agility where we run on international style courses. These offer big spacing, nice flow and different challenges than you'll see in an average AKC trial weekend.

This particular trial will ONLY be offering ISC classes. We will have all three levels, which are:

Level 1: The lowest level class

Level 2: Medium level class with more challenges

Level 3: The hardest level class with lots of challenges.

If you are brand new to ISC agility, you might start with Level 1. We'll actually have a special award for High-in-trial for dogs entered ONLY in Level 1 classes. In Level 1, you can expect straightforward courses with lots of space between obstacles and natural lines for your dog.

However, don't be afraid to enter the other levels. In this trial, you can enter any or all of the three levels of class. You can also choose to compete For Exhibition Only and enter the ring and run with a toy. This is a GREAT opportunity for training and building reinforcement in a real trial environment with your dogs.

Entries are open for this trial and close on February 21st. Entries are limited, so don't delay! Download the premium here:

USLHC ISC Event Premium - March 2-3 2024
Download PDF • 1.86MB

And here's some more information about the fun prizes we will have at this trial:

In addition, we're encouraging everyone to wear a 'Mad Hatter' themed hat to the event! We've been getting a little wild lately with the trophies and decor, so join in on that fun! Here's a sneak peek of the trophies and podium decor!

And last but not least, we have SWAG available for purchase! You can check that out on our website now.

I sure hope we'll see you there!


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