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June 28 - 30 PNWSSC AKC ISC Trial Premium

Good morning! It may be only April, but it's time to start thinking about our June 28 - 30 AKC ISC Running for Summer Cup and World Team Bye Event, happening at Corral Creek Dog Sport Center! The ring will be 60' x 140', indoors on turf. We have three WONDERFUL judges designing for us, and Gillian Crawford will be our local AKC judge! Our judges are as follows:

Daniel Walz  - Friday Designer

Kine Eimhjellen - Saturday Designer

Neil Ellis - Sunday Designer

Along with these amazing judges, we have some SUPER fun prizes and awesome ribbons coming! We will be offering 6 classes per day (two at each level) and FEO runs are allowed in any class! In ISC, you can enter any level (or multiple levels) with the same dog on the same day. Level 1 is the 'easiest', and level 3 is the 'hardest' (and that level is QUITE hard!).

The premium can be found below, and you can check out the cool prizes we're offering, too!

Here's the premium! Check out the details and get your registration in. It promises to be a GREAT time!

PNWSSC ISC Event Premium - June 28 - 30 - Final
Download PDF • 5.35MB


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