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Courses Week of October 8th

This week we have a course map that is loosely inspired by Ashley Deacon's AKC Agility League course, along with a second option for you to play with. We will have extra evening ring times available this week as our agility instructor, Peyton, is off on an adventure to Norway to compete and learn more about agility! As a reminder, Ashley will be here in just a couple of weeks to teach and we have openings on Sunday in our morning and afternoon workshops. The morning workshop is focused on Blind Crosses and the second is focused on Layering Challenges. These are open to people of all skill levels. Register here to join in!

Wednesday evening we're holding an Agility Info Night from 7 - 9pm. This event is geared towards people who are interested in agility and want to learn more about it before they give it a try. Have someone who might be interested? Share our event with them!

For practice times for yourself, you can book your ring times as a drop-in, or become a member to receive a lower price on your rental time.


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