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Courses - Week of May 29th

Hi everyone! This post is a bit late...I was out of town this weekend competing at an AKC trial in Woodland, California. I'll post this week's courses now, but if you want to know more about ISC trials and the weekend, keep reading after the course maps!

This week's course maps, currently set in the arena follow. The international style courses is a real runner! See the Intermediate course for some more reasonable options. ;)

As for the's more about that:

The Red Poppy Cup included regular AKC courses as well as ISC courses. ISC stands for International Sweepstakes Class, and these courses are typically designed by an FCI judge from overseas, but judged by local AKC judges. I put together a highlight video of my dog, Alle's runs. We didn't achieve any qualifying scores this weekend, but we DID improve on a LOT of our skills since our last trial. We had several 'almost' runs. Since I usually feel like I'm steering a Formula 1 race car when running with her, so getting 'close' is a big deal for me! We have really improved. So, if you want to check it out, here is the highlight reel:

We have our own ISC trial coming to CCDSC June 24-25. We have ISC courses at all three levels, designed by judges Tamas Traj and Thora Van Der Stock. Level 1 courses are the 'easiest', generally with fast and flowing lines. Level 3 is the hardest and can be large, fast and quite technical, as well. Level 2 is somewhere in the middle. At this trial, you also have the option to run 'FEO', or 'For Exhibition Only'. If you choose to run that way, you may run with a toy and train in the ring for standard course time. It can be a GREAT way to get experience in the ring without the pressure of competing.

AND...we plan to have some great prizes, a raffle, and we're working on a fun dinner event on Saturday evening. You can find the premium to enter here.

The Running for Summer ISC Cup includes a world team bye event - the winner of the two combined classes designed at qualifier runs in each height gets a bye into the World Team Tryouts event for team USA.

Have fun training this week!


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