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Courses for July 23rd

This week we have a training course set from Fanny Gott! Peyton has created a couple of courses based on this map:

If you're saying WOW, that's a jump of numbers: you're right! Never fear - no one is expecting you to run a course that is 60 obstacles long. It's really just a convenient way to have lots of training courses without using the same numbers several times. So you could think of this as 3 separate courses that are each 20 obstacles long if you wish.

Here's the other courses that can be made based on this map:

Remember, you can book rental times to practice these on your own by visiting our website. Member pricing for monthly plans is quite a bit cheaper than individual ring rentals, but if you don't want to commit to 5 practice sessions per month, the drop-in rental is certainly an option.


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