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Course Maps for the week of 12/26 at CCDSC

Welcome to the last week of the year! I can't believe we will be ringing in 2024 so soon. Where has the time gone?

To round out the end of this year, we have a course based on a training design from Tom Olsen.

Before we get to that map, though, I want to take a moment to talk about safety related to the dogwalk entrance. When we're working with our dogs, we must be thoughtful about how we have them approach contact obstacles so that they get as straight of an approach as possible. When dogs are working at high speeds, this becomes EXTREMELY important for their physical safety. The dogwalk is a 12" wide plank that dogs may be traversing at a full sprint. We can often (though not always) influence how straight their approach is with our handling choices on the prior obstacle. Here's an example from this week's course:

The green path provides the dog with a straight approach. The red path does not. We should always aim to provide the dog with the green/straight approach to the dogwalk in this case.

As you are training on your own, please be mindful of how you are asking your dog to get onto any of the agility equipment. We want to provide them safe approaches to build their confidence and speed, and you can influence that with your handling choices.

Now then, on to the course:

As always, drop in times are available on the website!

Have a great time, and a great final week of 2023!


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