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Ring Setup April 23rd

I'm writing to you this weekend from a hotel room in Colorado, where I'm attending a two-day ISC trial with my young dog, Allegria! The courses have been great fun, and I can't wait for the Corral Creek Dog Sport Center hosted 'Running for Summer ISC Cup and World Team Bye Event' at the end of June!

To that end, we've been setting a lot of courses with international flavors, and this one is based on a course by Tamas Traj, one of our two judges for our June trial. Peyton has modified the course a bit for class work, and I'll post both options here for you to play with this week:

You can rent drop-in time through our website, and don't forget - if you want to practice multiple times per month, it's less expensive to purchase a monthly plan.

Have fun!


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