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Courses & Exercises for March 19

This week's course map is heavily influenced by a Neil Ellis seminar course that has been adapted to fit Corral Creek Dog Sport Center's arena. I'll post the original at the bottom of this post.This course will be set up Saturday afternoon and available for the following week.

This week I wanted to include a couple of options for short courses and drills. I know that when I first started my agility career - and for many years after - I didn't really know WHAT to practice outside of class. Renting an arena time seemed very daunting because of it. So I'm going to attempt to provide some ideas for smaller drills and exercises you can use to inspire your training outside of class.

Full course options:

And here are some smaller drills on the same course to work on.

Pink numbers: practice a bit of layering!

Maroon numbers: A more straightforward option - no hard layers, but a taste of it!

Yellow squares: Some dogwalk practice!

Pink squares: Some weave practice! Check out the four options for weave exits.

Here are some good things to remember about training time:

1) If you move the obstacles, be sure to move them back before you leave your time.

2) Make sure your dog's entry onto the contacts is safe. They should have an approach that allows them to straighten their bodies before the entry so they can be balanced across the obstacle.

3) Use placed toys or treats to help your dog learn sends/layering.

4) If your dog 'fails' to complete something you've asked more than twice, MAKE IT EASIER. Help your dog achieve succcess.

5) Have fun!


I hope you'll take advantage of our open arena times to drop in and practice! You can find out options on the website, here:

Original course:

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1 Comment

Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill
Apr 03, 2023

These are great!!! Thank you for posting! I wish I lived closer and could come play 💫

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