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New Course for Last Week in November!

This week we have a training course by Petr Pupik!

This setup will be available for two weeks, as both Elissa and Peyton will be traveling to compete at the European Team Tryout event in Latrobe, Pennsylvania this week! Peyton will be competing 'for real' with border collie Dash and Malinoi, Vivid, in the 24" Large Dog height class. Elissa will be running as a 'White Dog' with border collie, Allegria, also in the Large Dog class. A White Dog runs the course prior to the competitor's walk-through. This allows the judge to verify the lines, tweak the course if they wish, and it also gives the competitors a chance to see the course run even if they are the 'first' dog on the line.

If you'd like to follow along and see the event live, it should be streamed by 4LeggedFlix. You can find their YouTube channel to watch.

Reservations for course times are available to practice the above setup via our website.

Have a great time!

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