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Course Maps for the Week of April 10th

Happy Easter! However you celebrate, we hope you have and/or had a great weekend. We've got a plan for next week's courses, and they're based loosely on course maps from Rene Blank, an international judge from Germany and the designer for our April 18th ISC trial at Corral Creek Dog Sport Center! We hope you'll check out that event and join us for a TON of fun. These trials allow for handlers to choose to run the courses FEO (for exhibition only), which means that if you wanted to go into the ring with a toy, you can do so!

If you're interested in joining us, find the premium for that event on the K-9 sports page.

Anyways, back to the courses for this week:

This is the original training course that Rene posted, and it will be set in the ring on Sunday evening for practice next week:

But don't worry, we've got some alternates that use the rest of the space and ensure you still have access to all of the standard agility obstacles:

As always, you can choose to work some or none of these courses. Just remember to leave the courses set as designed for the people using it after you.

Have fun!


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