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April 15 - 18 Courses at Corral Creek Dog Sport Center!

We'll be setting up some new courses tomorrow to start the weekend! I will be teaching some workshops on Saturday, and then the arena will be set for renters until Tuesday evening, when we are holding our first trial in our new space!

We will leave the standard course built from that evening for the rest of the week, and I'll get that posted here when it's published.

As always, be sure to check in with your dog to make sure they're having fun during your training! 'Fun' looks like them checking in with you and asking to work, returning to you for rewards and energetically engaging with the obstacles. If they aren't showing these kinds of behaviors to you, you might try a few things:

  • Increase your rate of reward - more treats or toy rewards at a faster pace.

  • Break down what you're asking them to complete. That might mean approaching only a single obstacle, or just a couple of them.

If your dog 'fails' to complete the requested behavior more than twice, there's a good chance they don't understand what you're asking. So, find another way to ask them OR move on to another task.

If you haven't tried renting practice time in our arena's yet, you can do so through this link:

Lastly - Peyton has a new round of classes starting this week! Check out our website for the days and times. Hope you'll join in!


P.S. - A quick reminder that if your dog has an accident in the ring, drop $10 into the white box in the front stall, or send it via PayPal to

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